Program Requirements

While being a guardian is a serious responsibility and requires your availability, most find that it easily fits into their busy lifestyle.

Once you submit a Volunteer Guardian Program application and pass the required background check, you must successfully complete a guardian training course on fundamentals of guardianship, as required of all guardians by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Guardian training takes approximately 2 1/2 hours and can be scheduled at your convenience.

Upon completion of your training, you will be assigned a case by the Volunteer Guardian Program. You will then:

  • Attend an appointment hearing at Summit County Probate Court.
  • Visit your ward at least four times a year (quarterly).
  • Make a minimum of one case contact per month (phone, in-person or e-mail).
  • Participate in quarterly care conferences at the ward's facility.
  • Submit an annual report on the status of the ward as required by the Probate Court.

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