Our History

Led by Summit County Probate Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer, the Volunteer Guardian Program was founded in 2014 to provide trained advocates and legal guardians for hundreds of people.

The Volunteer Guardian Program is a collaboration of community stakeholders, including the Summit County Probate Court, Summit County Public Health (SCPH), the Department of Job & Family Service, the ADM Board and the Summit County DD Board. The program is operated under the umbrella of Summit County Public Health.

Summit County Probate Court is the "Superior Guardian" for nearly 2,500 people (wards), many of whom are indigent and have no one able to advocate for them in the role of guardian. The Volunteer Guardian Program serves these wards by providing trained advocates and surrogate decision makers.

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"I think the greatest gift you can give is your time, to someone who does not have family, or whose family is not able to help them." -- Delores H.