Supporting Our Volunteers

Mar 08, 2021

Advocacy, compassion, and support are the three pillars of the Volunteer Guardian Program.  But, at the core of the program are also our volunteers!  Without our volunteers, many, many residents in Summit County would be without a voice. So, how can, YOU, our volunteers get the support that you need to be feel confident about the crucial job you do?

The Volunteer Guardian Program staff is here to support our volunteers in many ways!  First, each volunteer guardian goes through a thorough two-hour, one-on-one orientation and training before beginning being assigned a ward.  We also offer ongoing training throughout the year on various topics.

While the training is helpful, it would be impossible to prepare our volunteers for every issue or situation that could come up.  So, a key to the program is staff accessibility.  Staff is accessible at all times to our volunteers.  And, the program is fortunate to have a program director who serves as the front line of support.  Also on staff are four professional guardians with diverse backgrounds to assist, including two attorneys, a social worker, and a nurse. All of us are always available to provide guidance to you and even just process with you. Anytime you are unsure of a situation, know that we are here and that we welcome hearing from you!

Finally, we are also fortunate to have the staff at the Summit County Probate Court. Our judge, magistrates, court investigators, and clerks also play a crucial role in the support we provide to you.  They provide a wealth of information to us to ensure that we have confidence in the important decisions we make.

Thank you for supporting your wards in the special ways that you do!  Know that our program is here to support you, too!