Long-Term Care Ombudsman- A Resource for You!

Apr 26, 2019

In our March blog, we discussed the Nursing Home Residents' Bill of Rights which are codified in the Ohio Revised Code.  But what do you do when you feel like the nursing home is in violation of these resident rights or not meeting your ward’s needs?

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program may just be your answer!  Staff and volunteers of the Ombudsman program advocate for the rights of residents of long-term care facilities and seek resolution of problems, with the goal of enhancing quality of life and care. They investigate complaints related to long-term care with a strong focus on resolving concerns to the consumer’s satisfaction by means of negotiation, mediation, education, and advocacy.

In Summit County, Direction Home Akron Canton Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities is the organization that administers the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.  They can be reached at 800.421.7277 ext. 8201.  Here is a link to their website: