To Be a Volunteer...

Aug 30, 2019

We are so grateful for each of our volunteers and the unique contributions that you provide. It is a privilege to work with each of you!  You serve individuals at the most vulnerable time of their lives; individuals who could easily be forgotten.  You each make such a difference and this  month we wanted to share a poem that highlights this.  I hope you enjoy reading it.


To Be a Volunteer

To be a volunteer, it takes...

Generosity, a willingness to give your time to others
Understanding, because their lives might be very different from your own
Empathy, an ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel what they must feel
Compassion, to truly care about making someone else's life better
Patience, because the process doesn't always go as smoothly as it might
Dedication, to stick with the project and see it through

You've shown these qualities and so much more, so THANK YOU for all that you do.